Pyne Cove Design

About Our Handmade Jewelry

Each piece of our sterling jewelry is handmade. Our rubber molding and lost wax casting process allows us to make exact duplicates of the shells we collect in sterling silver. First we comb our favorite beaches, looking high and low in the sand, under seaweed and rocks for small unique shells. When the shells come back to the jewelry studio we cold mold them. Then we are able to inject liquid wax in to the mold, making an exact duplicate of the original. These waxes are placed in steel flasks with investment plaster and placed in the kiln where the wax melts out, leaving a negative space in the exact shape of the shell. Sterling silver is melted and poured in to the flask. The flask is cooled and when the investment plaster is removed there is the exact shell in silver!

The real fun begins when there is a pile of silver castings on the bench. We design and collage the shells and sea stars in to handmade pendants, pins and bracelets for our customers to enjoy. We hope our handmade, sterling silver jewelry evokes memories of pleasant days in the sun, your favorite beaches, romantic strolls in the sand, the kids swimming and splashing or your best vacation spot from Maine to Cape Cod to Florida.

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